Cowboy Freeze Owners Purchase the Margarita Man Headquarters

Margarita Man Logo

The owners of Cowboy Freeze, Doug Henderson and Jeremy Freeman, are excited to announce that we have recently acquired The Margarita Man mix manufacturing business! The Margarita Man has been our mix supplier at Cowboy Freeze for the past several years. The Margarita Man has been around for over 35 years, providing delicious gourmet mixes nationwide to margarita machine rental companies, restaurants, commercial suppliers, and more. In addition to manufacturing flavor mixes, we also sell margarita machines, and we sell franchises to margarita machine rental companies across the US allowing those owners to use the “Margarita Man” trademarked name and logos.

The operations of this business are currently located in Bergheim, Texas. We are going to move the operations to Oklahoma in the next twelve months. We haven’t decided on a location yet – it could be either Edmond, Guthrie, Stillwater, or another nearby area. We are looking for acreage outside of city limits where we can have both our home and business located in separate buildings on the same property. If you know of something available – please give us a call at (405) 332-5378!

We are so grateful to our loyal customers for your support of Cowboy Freeze over the years. Effective August 2019, Cowboy Freeze, LLC, will only be taking new rentals in the Stillwater area in order to allow us more time to devote to running Margarita Man HQ, LLC. However, we have good news for our Oklahoma City & Edmond customers – we have a Margarita Man franchise in OKC that provides our delicious mixes with all of his rentals! These are the same mixes Cowboy Freeze has used for years. Check out Rob’s website at Margarita Man Oklahoma City. You may occasionally still see us in Edmond or OKC as Rob needs help with overflow business from time to time.

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