Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is it to rent a frozen margarita, daiquiri or slushy machine from Cowboy Freeze?
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How easy is it to operate the machine?
The machines are very easy to operate. You will be given a tutorial on using the machine when it is delivered. We will also walk you through making the first batch of mix to make sure you get the hang of it. We will leave you with our cell phone number where you can always contact us with questions during your party.

When will the machine be delivered/picked up?
For weekend rentals, Cowboy Freeze will typically deliver on Friday/Saturday and pickup the following day. For weekday rentals, we will deliver either the day before your event, or a few hours prior to your event, and pickup the day following your event. If your event is at a special event venue, we can also pick up the machine late at night following your event if you must be out by a certain time.

When planning my party, how many guests can one batch serve?
One batch of the margarita mix makes about 70-75 eight-ounce drinks. When deciding on types of drinks and flavors take the total ounces of mix, water and various alcohols and divide by the size cup you are planning on using to give yourself a rough estimate. We suggest using 8 or 9 oz cups to ensure that the machines can keep up with volume. The smaller cup also reduces waste. If 16 oz cups are used about 30% usually ends up melted and in the trash!

How long does it take the mix to freeze?
Depending on whether the machine is indoors or out can vary the freezing time. You can expect your first batch of mix to freeze in 90 minutes at room temperature (75 degrees). It could take a little longer if outdoors and warmer. This is why we suggest that cold water is used when mixing the batches.

How do I purchase additional mixes if I run out during my party?
We always leave additional mixes at the bottom of the cart in case you run out. Extra mixes outside the one (1) or two (2) that come with the rental are $25 each payable at the time the machine is picked up.

Does Cowboy Freeze provide the liquor for alcoholic beverages?
You will need to provide 2 to 3 liters of alcohol based of the strength and type of drink being made. If you want to save a little money buy the less expensive liquor and your beverages will be just as tasty!

What types of drinks are available through Cowboy Freeze?
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How far in advance of my event should I rent a machine?
We suggest that you secure your reservation 2 to 3 weeks in advance of your party, although you are welcome to call us with last-minute requests and we will do our best to accommodate if we have availability. We suggest one month in advance during holidays and graduation season. Cowboy Freeze does require a minimum 48 hours notice for a cancellation to avoid a $50 fee.

What do I need when Cowboy Freeze delivers the machine?
We will need to speak with the person responsible for running the machine. We will provide a tutorial on how to operate the machine as well as mix the first batch of drink mix. In addition to the tutorial we will leave operating instructions for any questions you might have in addition to being available via the telephone to answer any questions.

What type of power does the frozen drink machine require?
The frozen drink machine requires a standard 120 (Standard household plug) volt 15 amp circuit. If an extension cord is needed, we will provide one (we use thicker-than-normal cords to help the machines draw enough power). The margarita machines MUST be within 50 feet of a plug. If more than 50-feet of cord is used, too much current is lost and the machines may be damaged. Generators may NOT be used unless we approve the specific make, model, and power specs IN ADVANCE prior to delivery. Using generators that are not powerful enough or don’t provide consistent current will severely damage our machines.

Helpful Hints

  • If you have not rented a machine before, you may be surprised to learn that 50-70% of your guests will choose the frozen drinks over beer and wine. This means you can probably get by with providing less beer and wine.
  • Keep margarita machines in the shade during daytime operation.
  • Use a dedicated 120V, 15-20 amps circuit for each machine. If you don’t know what that means, call us!
  • Using a cold mix will ensure better output. During hot weather, add a 1/2 small bag of ice to mixing bucket before adding the water.
  • Heavy gauge extension cords (12 Ga) are provided with each rental. Please do not use any other cords. Extension cords provided are typically 15 ft and should not exceed 50 feet total length.
  • Please tell us when you make your reservation if we will encounter any steps or stairways during delivery. If so, there must be one or more healthy adults around to help the delivery person.
  • Unauthorized transportation of machine(s) will result in a $500 fine. Please do not attempt to relocate, lift or otherwise move machines.