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Frozen Drink Machine with Two Flavors

The Fiesta - 1 dual-head machine, 1 flavor, 50 8oz cups/straws, delivery & set-up, margarita salt (if needed)
Fiesta Grande - ($25 more) 1 dual-head machine, 2 flavors, 100 8oz cups/straws, delivery & set-up, margarita salt (if needed)
Multiple Machines (large parties) - We'll be in contact regarding options and pricing
Please enter the time you wish to START serving delicious frozen beverages. We will deliver the machine several hours before this to ensure adequate freezing time.
This helps us estimate how many mixes to bring. We bring extra mixes incase you run out during your party, but you are only charged for them if you use them.
Please note that we charge an additional $20 / flight of stairs if the machine must be carried up/down stairs, and we charge $40 if we must pick the machine up late at night on the same day we drop it off (usually at a special event venue). We usually pick up the machine the morning after your event, and we do not charge the extra $40 if we are able to do this.
Please note that these are the flavors we currently have in stock, although there may be more options if you give us two weeks notice. For a full list of our award-winning flavors, including descriptions, mixing guides, and product volume for each flavor, see our FLAVORS PAGE.